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Building Your Online Office

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

The phrase “the new normal” gets thrown a lot in this current climate, but one thing that we can confidently say has become the new normal is working remotely. That is where the online office has come in. A necessary arrangement stemming from the need to keep workers safe has now revolutionised the way many businesses are operating. From those taking it to the extreme by completely removing their physical presence by not renewing their lease to those operating from a case-to-case basis- the cloud office seems to be here to stay.

Build your online office with smirp

The Initial Process

By now you have probably realised that as a business with the increasing possibility that both your employees and clients are working remotely, a physical office is just not strong enough to maintain a streamlined and efficient workplace. This means setting up a cloud office is pretty much a necessity. One of the biggest issues businesses faced that were not used to having a remote set-up was how quickly employees had to adjust to operating in an online space. When you have all your office computers running in the same physical location, it tends to be easier to be able to have access to the same network. When your office is moved remotely- it can change your entire network. While there are many options available to businesses, it can be a struggle to figure out exactly how to get the most efficient setup.

Another major concern is that not only will your employees have to work remotely, in some cases, your customers/clients will also need to be working with you via an online office. For a business, particularly a small to medium business, that does not have these business resources setup, the teething issues can be an absolute nightmare.

Make it Easy

Setting up an efficient online office does not have to be a long and tedious process. As a business owner, you are already wearing so many hats and taking on all the tasks is just not a productive way to run a business. In the time it takes for you to research which business resources and programs will suit your business, set them up and try to make them work for your business operations- you will have lost so much time and possibly, money.

If you are not an accountant, you most likely hire somebody to balance your books so why not do the same for your business resources. Smirp offers customised business resources planning system and customised customer portals that can help you set up your online office not just quickly but customised to your needs. Every business is unique, and you want to have something that is user friendly and that caters to your exact needs as a small to medium business.

Smirp makes digitalisation for small to medium businesses a reality. Taking away all the tedium and helping you create a business resource planning system that meets the requirements of your business, your employees and clients- all at the same time.



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