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Why Does Your Business Need a customisable Customer Portal?

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

There is something to be said about creating an experience for your customers. No matter what industry you are in, making the process of customer service and communication between your company and clientele should be the goal for all businesses. The world has increasingly become digital and in a time where many businesses are operating remotely and are streamlining operations, not only does having a customisable Customer Portal make it easier for you but it is also a great way to incentivise potential customers, showing that you are a professional business to do business with.

That is one of the reasons customers gravitate towards small to medium businesses: because it is often said that the experience is more personal. You are less likely to become just a number and the potential to build ongoing relationships with your customers is huge. That is the reason why having a customisable Customer Portal is such a huge asset to any business.

What can you do with smirp’s customisable Customer Portal?

Ultimately, smirp’s customisable Customer Portal creates a new way for a company to interact with their clientele. By customising your own Customer Portal, you can manage all of your communications with customers in a structured way. Having this structured information cuts down all that time you spend collating data since it’s all there and ready to analyse! An absolute game-changer when it comes to marketing and communications.

Another feature of the customisable Customer Portal is that clientele can access their own data at any time, anywhere. This will mean they will be able to keep track of their orders and invoices- cutting down the need for constant emails and inquiries. Along with being able to keep track of their orders/requests, they will be able to send in new requests on their own. Instead of a string of emails and calls, they will be able to fill in a customised designed request- which means that not only will you have all their information in the one place, but you can be sure that you will receive the necessary information to complete any requests. This saves time and of course, time equals money.

How can your business implement a customisable Customer Portal?

The implementation of a customisable Customer Portal for your business sounds like an enticing addition for your business, so what is the next step? If you are ready to improve the efficiency and ease of how your business communicates with customers, then this is where smirp comes in. smirp, standing for Small Medium Inceptum (Enterprise) Resource Planning, is a customisable software suite that offers a customisable Customer Portal and Business Resource Planning system, specifically for small to medium-sized businesses. Offering a range of options to suit all budgets and needs, smirp can help digitise your business operations.

If you are ready for smirp to help your business, then get in contact today. By partnering with smirp, you can have a truly customised experience at an affordable rate.



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