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The Power of smirp Customisation Service

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

If you are looking for ways to take your small to medium business to the next level, then digitising is the only way forward. Whether you are yet to take this step or are looking for new ways to enhance your digitisation, then investing in a customisation service could be the ultimate way to revolutionise how you do business. There are so many ways smirp customisation service can help your business, so let’s break it down.

Just How Powerful is smirp Customisation Service?

To put it simply, as powerful as you want to be. The better question is to ask what smirp customisation service can do for your business. smirp customisation service can mirror, map, design and build your business structures, workflows, various dynamic dependencies, dynamic teams and individual collaborations, dynamic data connections, dynamic document links, various BI charts for analysis…the list is quite long. Whatever you need in your business digitisation, smirp customisation services are here to support.

For example, when it comes to business structures, you can customise your system to have different structures for different departments in different scenarios. This can mean different access, different settings and overall simplifying the roles that each department has. All the business data will be flexibly reorganised to suite different structures.

Another example of a function smirp customisation service can implement is introducing workflows, showing those who need a step by step sequence of how to complete a job or a task. As a small to medium business, there are often times when other staff or departments may need to jump in and handle a job. Even as an owner, remembering all the details is just not realistic. Having to store handbooks and instruction manuals, both of which can take up a lot of time. By having customised workflows easily accessible and specifically set up for your business, you do not have to stress if somebody needs to step in. Let’s face it, in the current times, having this set-up is just a smart business practice.

Take Analysis to a New Level

One of the vital parts of smirp customisation service is being able to utilise dynamic data connections. Being able to organise all the business data from different dimensions, for example from the:

  • team perspective

  • clients' perspective

  • individual employee perspective

  • financial perspective

  • legal perspective

  • ...

As well as being able to organise this information for different environments at different times- having unorganised data across the business can be an absolute nightmare for those trying to access, analyse and manage. smirp customisation service can ensure this data is collected and arranged flexibly and in a structured way, ensuring maximum efficiency and ease. This is also a handy service when it comes to putting together your data for BI analysis. That way you can analyse your financial data, customer communication data, business performance data, individual performance data etc. with ease.

So what’s next? smirp Customisation Services are here to support your business model with strong system flexibility at an affordable rate. With our customisation services, you can design your own Business Resource Planning system and Customer Portal to suit and meet not just your business needs, but also your clients’ as well. Get in contact today for a free consultation so you can get on track to make 2022 an incredible year for your business.



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