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Why Small Medium Businesses can benefit from Affordable Customised Business Resource Planning System

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

One of the biggest issues that face small to medium businesses is finding the smoothest and most profitable way to operate. While there are many different resources out there for businesses, when it comes to using different software services for day to day operations, you may not be able to get exactly what you need to fully get the most out of your business, in particular when it comes to storing data and information for marketing and communicating with customers. While SaaS tools like Dropbox, Google Workspace and Salesforce- you may not find all the tools that suit your operational needs. Along with this, SaaS programs often change and this can be a huge risk for businesses to base their operations completely on these services.

Run your business in a digital and data-driven model, powered by affordable customised Business Resource Planning system.

As a business grows, there needs to be a level of flexibility- something that cannot be found when using SaaS. You cannot customise these services nor can you rely on them to always have the same options and compatibilities. If you are developing your entire systems and business operations around these services- it may end up being a costly, time consuming and risky process.

So what is the alternative? Big businesses get around this normally by creating their own custom programs- when it comes to running an SMB, this is not often a feasible option. At least on the same level as a huge corporation. It can be an extremely expensive process and that sort of cash flow and level of required maintenance is not often an option. Still, your business deserves stability and personalisation that will ensure that you are getting the most out of your operations. Business resources planning systems are a must, especially the right ones that suit your business.

The question you may be having though is why would you need these business resources planning systems? Surely as a small to medium business, it is easy to keep tabs on everything right? Well in this increasingly digitised world there are so many avenues that you are able to go down to do business. From sales to marketing to communicating with customers- keeping track of everything can be overwhelming. With so much data scattered around different parts of your business, keeping tabs on everything in itself is a full-time job. As an SMB, all of this extra work costs time, money and productivity. Something no business wants to experience.

What if we told you there is a way to have access to your own customised customer portal and business resource planning platform? That is exactly what we do at smirp. Small Medium Inceptum (Enterprise) Resource Planning, or smirp, is a customisable software suite. Whether you are a sole trader or a medium business, we can help you create customised business solutions to help you get the most out of your business. From creating customised customer portals that allow customers to be proactive, increasing your communication to putting together programs to allow you to collect the data you need for marketing.

There is a plan for every SMB, so get in touch today to see how smirp can bring your business up to a new level.


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