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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check out the FAQ on the right. If more questions, please fill out the form below or email us.

Can  self-employed individuals use the software suite?

Yes! You can customise your own business resource system to organise your service data, workflow data, product data etc. and collect external information. Also, you can customise your own Customer Portal to provide better services to your customers. 


What are business resources?

Business resources can be any valuable data or information within your business. This can be your customers, materials, various communication records, workflows, financials, schedules, employees etc.


Why do I need a customised Business Resource Planning system?

In the long term, accumulated scattered business data will require more and more of your time to organise, leading to a decline in your efficacy and management. Furthermore, your time is expensive and you might not have enough time to sift through all your data. That is it is a game-changer to organise your business data in a structured way, in your own customised system that is also self-managed. With long-term structured data, you can rely on a data-driven way of running a business.


What are the advantages of the Customer Portal

Customer Portal provides a new and efficient way of servicing your customers. You can provide portal accounts to your customers, which they can view all their personalized information at any time in a structured way and interact with you on their requirements- specific, new and existing. With the Customer Portal, all the communication between you and your customers will be organised, which ensures communications are easy to track and analyse.


What does the White-lable mean?

White-label means you can use your own logo in the suite (BRP & Customer Portal), on the login page and on the browser tab.


What's the scope of the Customisation Service?

Our Customisation Service includes, but is not limited to, the customisations of system layout, menu structures, document management structures, field changes, workflows, permission settings by roles/data, BI charts, various business data connections etc.


For the details, please contact us.


How could I buy more customisations or users?

More customisations and users can by purchased in the member account page.


What's one customisation?

One customisation is defined as one customisation service request sent from within the BRP system. The customisation service request should be clear and executable.

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